It all started when…

 from left, James, Brian, and Mike.  Pictured in front of Old World Pizza, their dad's first pizza place.

from left, James, Brian, and Mike.  Pictured in front of Old World Pizza, their dad's first pizza place.


“We’re passionate about pizza, we care about people and our community!”
- Brian Coli, Founder and CEO, Georgio’s Chicago Pizzeria & Pub

Georgio’s Chicago Pizzeria & Pub was founded in 2002 and opened its first restaurant in Crystal Lake, Illinois.   The business was new but the Deep Dish Pizza recipe was more than half a century old. Georgio’s founder, Brian Coli, was lucky enough to learn how to make authentic Chicago-style pizza by sisters Alice May Redmond and Ruth Hadley, who created the first ever Chicago-style pizza back in 1943!

May and Ruth worked at Pizzeria Uno and Gino’s East for a total of 46 years. When they decided to hang up their aprons in 1989 – at the same time, Michael Coli co-founder of Georgio’s was opening his first pizzeria, Old World Pizza, in Elmwood Park.   May and Ruth were gracious enough work at Old World, while sharing their secret pizza recipe. 

Michael first introduced his sons (Michael, Brian, & James) to thin crust pizza by bringing them to a friend’s pizza place, where they were able to make their own pizzas, and later introduced them to May and Ruth who introduced them to deep dish pizza!  Brian recalls learning how to make a perfect deep dish pizza at the age of 10 from the legendary Alice May Redmond!  “She showed me how, step by step, explaining with passion why each step was important.”  Brian caught her passion, a passion he shares with others through Georgio’s to this day.  

“It starts with an authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza dough recipe (made with water treated to match water from the City of Chicago), hand-pressed into a well-seasoned pizza pan, thick slices of mozzarella cheese layered right on top of the dough, and topped with your favorite ingredients and a sweet tomato sauce! Georgio’s makes every pizza with the same authenticity and passion as May & Ruth did with every pie they made since 1943.”

Georgio’s has served over 1,000,000 pizzas and received numerous awards, continuing the tradition of deep dish pizza perfection started by two humble and selfless sisters in 1943.